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- Alexandra

Your toys are magical. They still haven’t broken yet, and I have two 100-pound mixes playing with them.


- Carolyn

This has to be the longest lasting toy to survive in our household! Many months now..great job on your product Barbara Anke Sterdt… anyone who has a dog needs to get one of Barbara’s tug toys

- Jessica

I just got a PlayTug for my dog at Pet Cottage in San Anselmo. He loves it! He’s running around the house with it right now, beating himself about the head. Thanks for making such a wonderful dog toy!

- Katie

We can not thank you enough for the fantastic tug you gave us (through your mom) for our new puppy, Bodie! I can honestly tell you, it is her absolute favorite of all of her toys. It was SO thoughtful of you and Ben LOVES the black and orange Giant’s colors. You now have a new customer. Thank you so much for your thoughtfulness

- Jacqui

Barbara…I cannot begin to tell you how much I love your tug toys!!! They are really great – Aesop (breeder boy) and puppy Kairos have played with the one I bought non-stop and it’s still in one piece (unlike all the other puppy toys I’ve bought)!

- A grateful customer

Dear Ms. Barbara, Your website is beautiful. I already have one of your large size tugs for my service dog. It’s ironic that he looks very much like your Wrena. Your tug is of the finest quality and is one of my dog’s favorite toys. I just placed an order for a small tug as a gift to my friend. I think that you give 10% to a service dog organization is really wonderful. You must have a very big heart